Kera Lynn is an actress, model, on-camera host, and voiceover artist in Los Angeles. She is an Aries born in Oceanside, California on base in Camp Pendelton, but as a young girl, she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where she grew up. After graduating from high school, her adventurous spirit led her to sample life in all corners of the U.S., from Mississippi, Utah, and Nevada, to Florida and Texas. It was while in Austin that Kera began modeling, and Miami was where the acting bug first bit.

After landing a role in Paramount’s upcoming Baywatch movie (starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron),  HBO’s Ballers, and shooting ten commercial spots as spokesperson for Florida real estate giant Real 39, Kera was cast as Patricia Beck in the new Investigation Discovery true-crime series, Truth Is Stranger Than Florida. The highly-publicized murder of Patricia Beck in 1978 led to new advances in CSI technology, and Kera’s performance as the tragic young murder victim prompted veteran entertainment reporter Michael St. John to write, “Even though a newcomer to the business, she projects the skill, passion, and professionalism of a veteran.” (Beverly Hills Canyon News, 8/26/16)

Following her successes in Florida, Kera decided to move back to her native California permanently, relocating to L.A. in summer 2016. Since making the move, she’s starred in her first indie film (Reunion of Secrets, scheduled for a Summer 2017 release), shot numerous short films, and became SAG-eligible.

2017 was been a busy year for Kera. She was cast as Amber Heard’s double in the upcoming Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe blockbuster Aquaman (opening 2018). She also worked as a stand-in on Orion’s Wish Upon. Kera also completed a series of videos for Youtube viral-video sensation Matt Artisan.

2018 Kera Headed back to Nature to live and learn. She bought a 30 foot camper, continued her freelance model work, spent time mining amethyst, traveling, and stopped in Austin, TX or a couple months, before coming back around to settle in Northern California.

October 2018, Kera scored herself a lead role in an upcoming film, Don’t you fucking judge me, directed by Mansour Alheera.

Kera is also a successful entrepreneur with her own line of hand-crafted and all-natural beauty products, apparel, and art, as well as offering O-Zone and E.W.O.T Therapy treatments to the public:

Motivated, fearless, determined, and 100% unique, Kera considers it a blessing to be able to do what she loves for a living.