Kera Signs on for ‘Jupiter Lift’

It was recently announced that actress and model Kera Lynn has officially signed on to co-star in upcoming scifi horror flick Jupiter Lift. Kera recently appeared alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in comedy reboot Baywatch and served as a stand-in in Wish Upon, which hits theaters nationwide this Friday. She will co-star alongside John T. Maye with the third lead actor being announced in the coming days.

Jupiter Lift serves as John T. Maye’s second short film as director and his third as a writer on top of being a flick he’s slated to star in. The script was co-written by Nickel Thiel and will be brought to screen by producer David A. Rodgers and cinematographer Atom Jones. In a statement released to the press, Maye says: “We want to make Jupiter Lift because we are filmmakers who love films. We were just fans sitting around watching horror and comedies then we grew up as professional binge watchers that want to roll out this incredible cult film waiting to explode across the internet. Nick Thiel’s incredible scope for horror visuals and ability to have a keen eye to set the tone for this piece of indie madness is going to show you something you’ve never seen before, but wish you always had while at the same time be so frightened you can’t look away even if you wanted to.”

Synopsis: Three childhood friends reunite on a road trip to destroy a car possessed by a demon from Jupiter. Unfortunately, the monster knows everything about them, and it is not hard to turn these three against each other in its own quest to give birth to the hell spawn that will consume the earth.”

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